about us

Thank you so much for stopping by. This space is being used as a canvas for both God’s whispers and shouts in and thru our family. While there will be, of course, cute pictures of my precious babies (#proudmom), please know this will be a platform for honesty, authentic, raw life. With Jesus as the author of our story.

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Craig is a Memphis, TN born and bred southern boy who graduated from The University of Mississippi. I am a Memphis born, Japan bred missionary kid, southern girl who graduated from The University of Memphis. When Craig & I met, we were on the fast track to full time ministry. With youth & college as our focal point. When we were single, we served in youth ministry (Craig in Oxford, MS & Missy in Memphis, TN). We were married in June of 2009 and following our wedding, we served with the Campus Crusade staff team at The University of Mississippi for a couple of years. In 2011 the Lord called us into the very fun & exciting world of private school teaching & coaching. For a few years, Craig served as the Spiritual Life Director, Bible Teacher & Varsity Defensive Line Coach at Northpoint Christian School (formally SBEC). In 2013 the Lord began whispering to us that He was closing the door on vocational ministry as Craig left Northpoint and began working in Sales & Service for a commercial cleaning company. Fast forward 2 more years to August 2015 when we received a call about a job in Wichita, KS. And all God’s people said “where is Wichita, KS?” Ok, maybe not all God’s people – but in our living room that night, that sure is what we said to each other.

I sit here typing this to you from my living room…in Wichita, KS. The Lord moved mightily and here we are. We moved 10 hours away from our family, friends & church. And we stand amazed at where our hearts are. That job that came calling has turned into so much more than “just a job”. You can be sure I’ll be blogging more about all that.

In August of 2011, after months of fertility treatments, we gave birth to our first daughter, Lindley Belle. (If you’re interested, you can read about that journey over on my old blog:  God Creates Life-Recreates Us In The Process, Pressing Forward, Faith & Reliance, Psalm 28:6) That girl came out looking just like her daddy, and 5 years later, not much has changed there. I know I’m her mother, but I think she’s pretty fabulous. She is funny & kind. She passionately loves people, both friends & strangers. She has a flare for the dramatics. The good kind that entertains a crowd with song, dance & brings tears to your eyes from belly laughing. And the bad kind that makes this mamma want to pull her hair out. She’s named after my grandmother and she brings life to our family.

In November of 2014, after more months of fertility treatments, we gave birth to our second daughter, Dottie Grace. (I didn’t blog about that journey as much because life was in a harder place, but here are a couple posts if you’re interested: Take Two, What 2014 Has Brought) I recently described Dottie as “spicy”. She leans more on the rough and tumble side of life. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. And she has a grin that can stop traffic. She’s goes from 0 to 60 in every emotion which is both entertaining and refining to our patience. She is named after Craig’s grandmother and she bring spunk to our family.

We’ve been married over 7 years and we stumble everyday. Some days it’s really messy. We need Jesus. Every hour. We are sinners & beggars. Beggars who found the bread of life. And because He carries us each day, I want to share this life with you.